When I first joined the gym back in 2015, I used to train 7 days a week hopelessly trying to make progress but getting nowhere. I was 19 years old and stuck at 11 stone, but not long after joining I met Leon who suggested some personal training sessions. So we had a sit down and discussed what my aims and goals were and how we would go about getting them. He told me if I wanted to get big I had to eat big and train hard, but in the right way, so he set me up a routine and daily dietary goals.
After the first month of training with Leon and keeping on top of my diet and weight I had already started to put on size and strength. It was a massive difference, all my lifts were going up and I could feel and see the progress as time went on. But don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all that easy however if I stayed focused and put 110% effort in with the guidance of Leon’s training programme I was definitely going to succeed.
When I first began lifting I was 11stone and wasn’t lifting heavy at all, it was tough for me but after 2 years of constant progression with Leon I’ve hit some really amazing goals in my life.


Bench Press


50kg (110lbs)
50kg (110lbs)
60kg (132lbs)

2 years with Leon

100kg (220lbs)
150kg (330lbs)
180kg (396lbs)
As you can see I have made a massive difference strength wise on all my main lifts and I plan to carry on doing so with Leons guidance and knowledge of fitness. If it wasn’t for him I’d still be 11stone lost in the gym hitting no goals, but instead now I weigh 15stone and haven’t stopped progressing and smashing all my goals I’ve made so far. It wasn’t that long ago I smashed my very first 200kg deadlift and I was super proud of myself, but like I say I don’t think I would’ve made it there without Leons help, he’s really changed the way I think about the gym.
I’ve always said since the beginning that “he’s the knowledge and I’m the effort” he saw potential in me and I have grown and become happier with my body ever since that day. It wasn’t all the growing that’s the hard part though, sometimes when I was mid cut on a low diet seeking the energy to keep going in the gym he still never gave up seeing my potential. And seeing that made me keep going and helped me when I dropped 2 stone in 3 and a half months to look the fittest I’ve ever looked.

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