I took up 8 weeks physique programme at the end of January and every session I feel stronger and my fitness level improves. But the most significant change is in my attitude to diet.
Leon advised me how to replace my favourite but fatty and sugary products with lighter and healthier ones, motivates me to stay strong and stick to my diet and is always willing to answer my numerous questions.
The MyFitnessPal app he recommended me became a supertool – I transformed from a person ready to run away hearing ‘diet’ and ‘calorie counting’ to someone who’s having a fun testing new receipts and composing meals to meet calorie budget and reach nutrition goals. I learned to pay attention to what I eat, cut down on my guilty pleasure foods and started cooking at home.
Thanks to Leon’s brilliant workouts and healthier diet after 5 weeks I’m close to my weight goal and got much better shape.

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