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Before I list the different diet hacks I recommend when trying to get leaner, let me first explain what I mean by ‘diet hacks’.

A diet hack is basically any food or supplements you incorporate into your diet to either add in or remove calories depending on your goal. For example, a mass gain shake high in carbohydrates would be an easy way for someone trying to gain weight to add in a lot of extra calories and would fall into the diet hack category.

However, this article is strictly about weight loss hacks, which are more important because let’s face it, gaining weight isn’t hard, but getting ripped is.


Ice cream is one of my favorite treats, but it often comes at the price of being extremely high in calories. This is because of the high-fat ingredients like double cream. This is also the reason they taste so good.

Fortunately, low-calorie derivatives have been hitting the market in recent years, and they’re getting so good that you can barely tell the difference anymore. When they first came out they were ok, but you could tell they weren’t the real thing, but like anything, they have got better with time.

I had a whole tub of the new gooey brownie halo top the other day and it blew my mind, coming in at only 380 calories for the whole tub and I could not tell the difference between it and the standard high-calorie ice creams. This is also what prompted me to write this article, I was so impressed.


When I’m trying to drop body fat, using sauces and syrups can be extremely useful. Dieting to me usually involves cutting calories, carbs and fats. This means my meals have less volume, and less flavour overall. The clever use of sauces and syrups can make a meal far more enjoyable without adding in many, or sometimes any calories!

Walden farms were the original when it came to calorie-free syrups. They obviously aren’t as good as the actual syrups which contain lots of sugar, but when you’re cutting calories your cravings are far higher than usual, which allows you to appreciate them a lot more than you normally would.

The most popular brand of these low-calorie brands in the UK is The Skinny Food Co. They have plenty of options to choose from, and they call contain zero calories and sugar.


I don’t know about you, but pizza to me is the ultimate cheat meal alongside ice cream, and just like ice cream, it’s packed with calories. This is because similar to ice cream it’s extremely high in fat. The main problem here is fat is very calorie-dense, just 1 gram contains 9 calories, over double that of carbs and protein.

I first noticed low-calorie, high protein pizzas when browsing the muscle food website a few years back, and I added a few to my order to try out. To my disappointment, they weren’t great. They used pea protein as the main ingredient in the base, which cut a lot of carbs and calories, but ruined the texture and taste massively.

Fast forward a few years and I’m back on the muscle food website, and again, these pizzas pop up. I quickly run over the ingredient list and see that they’ve switched out the pea protein and gone for a sourdough base. They have also changed out the super low-fat cheese and gone for a more balanced approach.

These improved versions have a couple of hundred more calories, but I would take that over a pizza that tastes like cardboard. At the end of the day you still need to enjoy your meals, and they are still easy to fit into anyone’s macros.


When trying to lose weight and drop body fat, a calorie deficit is all that’s required, so why not take advantage of these diet hacks to increase the volume and flavour of your meals without adding in unnecessary calories.

Make wise choices and you really can have your cake and eat it too.

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