Are you satisfied with the progress you’ve made? If you look back at your photos from a year ago, has your physique noticeably improved? Are you able to maintain consistency year-round and stay at your desired body weight? If not, I can help.


 Even if you’re just starting out and have never stepped foot in a gym before, I have the knowledge and experience to get you on a fast track to results. The two services I offer are


1. One-to-one personal training in Northampton.

2. Online coaching for anyone with access to a gym and internet connection.


That is a question I’m often asked, and some people aren’t even sure they can, but I assure you that no matter where you’re currently at, you can get the body you want. For how long it will take, there is no definitive answer, your transformation is a personal journey and its duration will depend on your current body composition and the work you’re willing to put in.


It’s also common to think that it will take far longer than necessary to achieve your goal physique.


Take my client Teddy for example. Teddy came to me with the simple goal to improve his body composition. He told me that he would like to train with me for one year, which I assumed is how long he expected it to take.

Northampton Personal Trainer

Teddy’s transformation shown in the picture took just 16 weeks. I have to give it to Teddy though, he stuck to his macros and never missed a workout.


Teddy is a perfect example of how quickly results can come when hard work and dedication are applied to an effective training routine and diet.

Here is another impressive transformation from my client Gary.

Northampton Personal Training Transformation

Gary was clueless when starting out, and he drastically cut all fat from his diet because he had been previously misinformed about the correct way to approach nutrition.


After an initial consultation, I created a resistance training program that had Gary in the gym just 4 times per week. I showed him how to track his macros and incorporate foods he enjoyed to create a sustainable approach to dieting. Even I was even taken back by how quickly the results came, but hard work always pays off and Gary’s was second to none.

It’s not only men who benefit from my training, here’s another incredible transformation from Lauren.

Leon Coupe Fitness Client Transformation

Lauren wasn’t entirely happy with her physique, and with summer around the corner and a holiday already booked she wanted to get a beach body as fast as possible.


Lauren nailed her diet whilst following the routine I put together which had a combination of resistance training and cardio. We made small adjustments along the way so that she could keep progressing and everything went exactly to plan.


Whether you’re coached in-person or online you will be guaranteed stress-free results with no guesswork on your part. I will take care of everything, all you need to do is apply yourself. I will be here to support you, keep you accountable, and pass on everything I know.

Go to my personal training or online coaching page to get started.